The bulgarian voices angelite - a cathedral concert - The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices - Women s Choir

Columbus, Ohio, January, 2017: Three-day Hearing Voices Group Facilitation training. Saturday, January 13th to Monday, January 15th at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Facilitated by Caroline Carlton and Marty Hadge. This is intended for individuals who are interested in starting new Hearing Voices groups or supporting existing ones in their area. Please see the attached application for additional details regarding location, time and cost: Word version        PDF version

Come and join us for our evangelism trips, travelling around the land of Israel and Jordan. As we evangelize and speak to local people about the Messiah, we hand out books, Bibles and invitations to receive videos. An exiting and amazing experience – you will return to your local church re-vitalized and energized to serve in a new way.

“From Europe comes “Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares”, a women’s group of Bulgarian folk singers whose eerie harmonies, whoops, hollers and rhythmic complexity meld into an unforgettable performance”

Voices of September 11th helps families and communities heal after tragedy, a vital mission that began with the events of September 11th.

In preparation for the 2018 World Congress the IFA is implementing Japanese translations of some pages on the site. Choosing Japanese below to see these translations.

Samoan (Gagana Samoa) is a member of the Polynesian group of the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family. While Samoan is related to other Polynesian languages such as Hawaiian, Fijian, Tahitian and Maori, they are not mutually intelligible having been separated from each other by vast stretches of the Pacific ocean for thousands of years.  Ethnologue reports that there are 413,000 speakers of Samoan worldwide, of whom close to 200,000 …

The First Bulgarian Empire was founded in 681. After the adoption of Orthodox Christianity in 864 it became one of the cultural centres of Slavic Europe. Its leading cultural position was consolidated with the invention of the Cyrillic script in its capital Preslav at the eve of the 10th century. [99] The development of Old Church Slavonic literacy in the country had the effect of preventing the assimilation of the South Slavs into neighbouring cultures and it also stimulated the development of a distinct ethnic identity. [100] A symbiosis was carried out between the numerically weak Bulgars and the numerous Slavic tribes in that broad area from the Danube to the north, to the Aegean Sea to the south, and from the Adriatic Sea to the west, to the Black Sea to the east, who accepted the common ethnonym " Bulgarians ". [101] During the 10th century the Bulgarians established a form of national identity that was far from modern nationalism but helped them to survive as a distinct entity through the centuries. [102] [103]

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Ignatova and her father pled guilty to charges of embezzling money from employees and suppliers, bank fraud, fraudulent accounting practices and even attempting to unbolt machinery to ship back to Bulgaria.

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The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - A Cathedral ConcertThe Bulgarian Voices Angelite - A Cathedral ConcertThe Bulgarian Voices Angelite - A Cathedral ConcertThe Bulgarian Voices Angelite - A Cathedral Concert