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When it was originally introduced in the first episode of the Generation 1 cartoon series , energon was a liquid fuel used by the Decepticons and stored in cubes , which was created by processing virtually any available energy resource; in the opening mini-series alone, oil , hydro-electric power , ruby crystals and rocket fuel were all converted into energon, and many more types of energy would be used by the villains throughout the show's run. The cubes themselves began a visual evolution almost immediately: in "More than Meets the Eye", they were stacked high and filled with the energy in question, then compressed, taking on a layered appearance and an iridescent rainbow coloration, though they also appeared as solid cubes without the layered effect. Immediately following the mini-series, however, in " Transport to Oblivion ", the stacking-and-compressing idea was omitted, and the cubes were instead colored a glowing purple-pink. This was the only time the cubes were depicted this way in season one; otherwise, they remained rainbow-hued, and alternated between layered and non-layered, for the remainder of the season and the early portion of season two, until the purple-pink cubes reappeared in " Atlantis, Arise! ", and suddenly became the standard depiction of energon for the remainder of the cartoon—and indeed, the default coloration for energon in much future media.

Power Rangers was a milestone season behind-the-scenes and for the fanbase, but also one of the most controversial among fans.

Omni Trio - Mystic Steppers Vol 2Omni Trio - Mystic Steppers Vol 2Omni Trio - Mystic Steppers Vol 2Omni Trio - Mystic Steppers Vol 2